A food subscription service with a twist, providing on-demand weekly chefs in your home preparing fresh meals. 


Homepage Update

After joining Kitchensurfing one of my first projects was to help update the homepage. In addition, I art directed a
photoshoot for new images for the homepage that illustrated our mission to: Bring Families Back to the Dinner Table.
Also adjusted the zip capture field to allow for messaging on the page.


Plan Ahead Meals

In addition to our main product where chefs come to your home to cook we wanted to gauge interest in a new product.
The goal was to see if pre-prepared meals would interest potential customers so we launched a beta program where our existing
VIP users were offered the meals. We also launched Facebook ads that targeted users who fit our demographic outside
of our service area to see if they would opt in for the meals.


Identified User Paths

I constructed a product map to help us identify the user flows and this helped when design the experience below.

User Flow.png