Offset by Shutterstock

A curated collection of stock photography featuring professional photographers.



At Offset our goal was to get people to engage with our thoughtfully curated collection. Storyteller did just that by encouraging
people to make a short video to illustrate a narrative. We launched the creative tool to help our clients put together a quick
storyboard or for anyone to have a little fun with images. Try it for yourself:


Offset at Pixels of Fury Chicago

After the launch of Storyteller, Offset participated in Shutterstock's design competition called Pixels of Fury in Chicago.
To help engage the guests we held a Storyteller competition at the event and encouraged everyone to submit their own story.


To help guests get familiar with the Offset's collection I created an engaging landing
page and all gift bags included limited edition prints driving to this page.


Offset Pixels of Fury landing page. View the page here.